Class 10 Geography Chapter 1 Resources and Development


Class 10 Geography chapter 1 resources and development

Class 10 Geography chapter number 1 resources and development

What do you mean by resources? Answer everything available in our environment which can be used to satisfy our need provided it is technologically assessible Economically feasible and culturally acceptable can be termed as resources.
How the resources can be classified?
resources can be classified in the following ways
On the basis of origin biotic and abiotic on the basis of exhaustibility renewable and nonrenewable on the basis of ownership individual community National and international on the basis of status of development potential development stock and resources
Draw the following chart of classification of resources
Classify the resources on the basis of origin with example
On the basis of origin we can classify the resources into biotic and abiotic
Biotic resources these are obtained from the biosphere and have a life example human being , livestock , etc.
Abiotic resources
These resources are composed of non living things example rocks and metals.
Classify the resources on the basis of exhaustibility.
On the basis of exhaustibility we can classify the resources into renewable and nonrenewable
Renewable resources
Desi short speech which can be renewed or reproduced by physical chemical and mechanical process are known as renewable or replenishable resources . Ex solar , wind energy, etc.
Non renewable resources
these occur over very long geological time and this cannot be recycled and get executed with their use.
Classify the resources on the basis of ownership
On the basis of ownership we can classify the resources into individual resources community owned resources National resources and international resources
Individual resources
This kind of resources commanded the position of an individual means to say any single owner has ownership on the resources.
Community owned resources
These are resources which are AC able to all the member of the community example public Park playground etc
National resources
Technically all the resources belong to the national
The political boundaries and oceanic area upto 12 nautical miles 22.2 km from the coast termed as territorial water and sources there in belong to the nation.
International resources
There are some resources which are regulated by the international institution are called International resources
Example the oceanic resources beyond 200 nutrical miles of exclusive economic zone.
Classify the resources on the basis of the status of development
On the basis of the status of development we can classify the resources into potential resources developed resources stock reserve
Potential resources
Resources which are found in region but have not been utilised example solar and wind energy
Developed resources
The resources which are surveyed and their quality and quantity have been determined for utilisation called developed resources
Material in the in government which have not potential to satisfy human needs but human being do not have the appropriate technology to access this are called stock.
Reserves are the subset of the stock which can be put into used with the help of existing technical know-how but they are use has not been started
Development of resources
People misused resources for living due to this many problems arisen
Loss of resources due to the greed of some people
Society became divided into two part rich and poor
Global ecology crisis arise due to Excess exploitation of resources
What do you understand by sustainable development
Write short note on Re de Janeiro earth summit , 1992
Write short note on agenda 21


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