Do not compare yourself with others


Do not compare yourself with others

Once upon a time, there was a crow living in the forest, it was very happy, because it did not have much desires. it was satisfied with its life, but once it saw a swan in the forest and thinking of seeing him, “how beautiful is this creature, I have never seen such a creature! So clean and white. It is very white and beautiful in this forest, so it will be very happy.”crow went to swan and asked, “Brother, you are so beautiful, so you will be very happy?”

On this swan responded, ” Yes I was very happy before, until I had not seen the parrot.” Since seeing it, it seems that the parrot is the most beautiful creature in the earth. The body of both of us has only one color but the parrot has two-two colors on the body, the red circle of his neck and he was a green color, in truth it was very beautiful. Do not compare yourself with others 

Now Crow thought that swan is telling the parrot as the most beautiful, then he needs to see it.Crow went to the parrot and asked, “brother, you will be happy with having two colors?” The parrot said, ” Yes, I was happy till I had not seen the peacock. I have only two colors but there are several types of colors on the peacock’s body.”

Now Crow thought, “who is the happiest, I will have to know of this?” So now I have to meet Peacock. Crow searched the peacock in the forest but it did not get any peacock in the entire forest. And finding the peacock, he reached the zoo, So many people have come to see the peacock and there is a lot of crowd around it. After going  all the people, Crow asked to peacock,”Brother, You are the world’s most beautiful creature and colorful, people were photographed with you. You would love to be great and you would be the happiest creature in the world?”On this Peacock became sad and said, “Brother, if it is beautiful, then what difference does it make?” People keep me in this zoo, but anybody do not keep you in a zoo And you can roam freely wherever you want. So you should be the most satisfied and happy creature of the world, because you are free. The crow was shocked, because the importance of his life was revealed him by someone else.

Moral :- Do not compare yourself with others