Why child marriage is not proper

Why child marriage is not proper


Why child marriage is not properWhy child marriage is not proper

Why child marriage is not proper ? Child marriage is a practice that has been running for centuries. This is a nonvoilent act. It is superstition. Children which do not have sexual maturity are married in less age. As we know it is important for boys to have 21 years for marriage and 18 for girls marriage. But in this practice small children are married due to this their life gets ruined. They can not even finish their studies. All parents think that girls are a burden for them,so, they send them to other homes after getting married.

1. After getting married at a young age, a man does not get enough time to develop his personality. On the shoulders of man the burden of the family gets prematurely.
2. He can not fulfill his responsibilities before being given responsibility.
3. Education does not move in the right direction due to getting married at a younger age. Girls often leave their studies in the middle. Being a family responsibility, the man and woman did not take full care of their career or business.
4. Women and men are not mature enough to understand both social situations. Women who become pregnant prematurely also have many problems.
5. Many diseases related to childbirth are started for women. Such women have to bear responsibility to handle children at an early age. For which he is not ready.
6. As everyone knows what is the condition of the villages of the country. The level of education in the village is quite backward. Marriages happen only in childhood. Marriage at a young age reduces the understanding of both man and woman and does not pay attention to family planning, which is a major reason for population growth.

So child marriage is not proper.

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