Saint Ravidas/ Sant Raidas

Saint Ravidas/ Sant Raidas


Saint Ravidas/  Sant RaidasSaint Ravidas/ Sant Raidas

Saint Ravidas/ Sant Raidas Saint Kulbhushan poet Ravidas was a pioneer among the great saints who through his creations contributed significantly in removing the evils prevailing in the society. The specialty of his compositions has been a wonderful use of folk speech, due to which he has an indelible effect on the public. The voice of the sweet and simple Saint Raidas is like a bridge between the knowledgeable and romantic branches, despite being knowledgeable.

Since ancient times, followers of different religions and beliefs have lived in India. In all these, the saints have contributed significantly from time to time to increase harmony and brotherhood. The name of Raidas is foregone in such saints. He was Gurubhai of Sant Kabir because he also had Guru Swami Ramanand. Guru Ravidas ji was born in Charmacar (Chamar) clan in Kashi. His father’s name is said to be Santokh Das (Raghu) and mother’s name is Kalsa Devi. Raidas had gained sufficient practical knowledge from the association of saints and saints. His ancestral business was shoe-making, and he happily embraced it. They used to do their work with utmost diligence and diligence and paid lot of attention to completing the work on time.

People who came in contact with him due to his timeliness and sweet behavior were also very happy.

Ravidas ji was very benevolent and kind from the very beginning and it became his nature to help others. He used to get special pleasure in helping saints and saints. They used to give them shoes without paying any price. His parents were unhappy with him because of his nature. After some time they separated Ravidas and his wife from their home. Ravidas ji used to work for his business in the neighborhood by building a separate hut for himself and used to spend the rest of the time in the worship of God-Bhajan and saints.