World Tuberculosis (TB) Day

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day


World Tuberculosis (TB) DayWorld Tuberculosis (TB) Day

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of a lecture given by Dr. Robert Koch about Tuberculosis (TB), the “International Organization for TB and Lung Disease” (IUATLD) has organized the World Decay as an annual official event on 24 March. Disease (TB) Day was planned to be celebrated as “Tuberculosis (TB), a joint effort of the International Organization for TB and Lung Disease” (IUATLD) and “World Health Organization” (WHO). R: Now and Forever “for the first time under the topic called” World Tuberculosis (TB) Day “was held l
Tuberculosis (TB) is tuberculosis, an infectious disease that develops due to bacteria. This bacteria enters all the organs of the body. However, it is mostly found in the lungs. But apart from this, intestines, brain, bones, joints, kidneys, skin and heart can also suffer from Tuberculosis (TB).

Tuberculosis (TB) symptoms
1. Cough for more than three weeks
2. Fever (which increases especially in the evening)
3. severe chest pain
4. Sudden Weight Loss
5. Loss of appetite
6. Bleeding with mucus
7. Too much infection in the lungs
8. Shortness of breath
Tuberculosis (TB) infected patients cough, sneeze, cough, spit, and the breath they release causes bacteria to circulate in the air, which can remain in the air for several hours. Due to which healthy person can easily become a victim of tuberculosis (TB). However, tuberculosis (TB) is not spread by touching or shaking hands of infected person.
Mesentery: 79th part of human body
When tuberculosis (TB) bacteria reach the lungs through the breath, they multiply and damage the lungs. Although the body’s immunity prevents it from growing, as the body’s immunity weakens, the risk of tuberculosis (TB) infection increases.
Methods of screening for tuberculosis (TB)
There are many means to check for Tuberculosis (TB), such as chest x ray, mucus test, skin test etc. In addition, TB can also be detected by screening IgM hemoglobin through modern technology. The good thing is that investigations related to this are conducted by the government free of cost.

Measures to avoid TB (TB)
• If a cough persists for more than two weeks, see a doctor.
• Keep distance from the sick person.
• If someone has been coughing around you for a long time, then stay away from him.
• If you are going to meet a sick person or are coming together then definitely wash your hands.
• Eat a nutritious diet that contains adequate amounts of vitamins, mineral salts, calcium, protein and fiber as nutritious foods make our immune system strong.
• If you have been coughing for a long time, make sure to check the mucus.

Importance of World Tuberculosis (TB) Day
Through World Tuberculosis Day, we get to talk about the problem of Tuberculosis (TB) and how to avoid it. Every year on the occasion of “World TB Day” (World TB Day) by health organizations, government and non-governmental organizations and other health agencies to spread awareness about Tuberculosis (TB) among the general public across the world. Various activities are organized.
These activities included seminar on Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and treatment, award ceremony to reward organizations involved in Tuberculosis (TB) prevention, Photo exhibition and exhibition to raise awareness about Tuberculosis (TB). Today, according to doctors, it is possible to fully treat tuberculosis (TB). Under this, DOTS centers have been set up across the country, where there is a free system of treatment for TB (TB). The most important feature of these centers is that here the patient is fed medicines at the center, so that no kind of treatment is taken.
Every year, “World Tuberculosis (TB) Day” is organized under a theme. The theme of World Tuberculosis (TB) Day for the year 2017 is “Unite to End Tuberculosis (TB)”.