The Hope By Rajan Agarwal


The Hope By Rajan Agarwal

The poem ‘The Hope’ is written by Rajan Agarwal. The poet says that there are different different types of hope named differently some people called it acceptation, in other terms it is future relevance means, many other think it is a measure of benefaction. But for the poet hope is just creation of soul that makes us feel good pleasuresome , careful. Poet says that we surmise today or our future because of a past we had surmise on hope. Poet says that hope kills negativity in ones brain and feels them with calm and quiet.

For example :- A bird flying in the sky in search of food for young ones and find material to build their home because she has a hope in her mind that she will find something to feed her babies.

In another example :- Poet says that a bud stay on the tree branch and Bloom because she has hope that she will bloom and nobody will pluck it out from the branch.

Here the poet also give an example of a tree that a tree lost their leaves and it thinks that one day new leaves will grow which are green up on it just because of  Hope.

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